Objectives & Characteristics of IDI-I Fund

 IDI-I Fund objectives

IDI-I is a Japanese fund manager that manages an energy infrastructure-focused fund ("IDI-I Fund"). IDI-I's objective is to contribute to development of the energy sector, which is expected to continue growing in the future, by investing in areas with substantial social significance. IDI-I Fund strives to build diversified investment portfolios by acquiring (1) newly launched infrastructure assets such as power plants, (2) sales and financing projects associated with existing facilities, (3) development projects, including renewable energy, and (4) loans and investment projects involving energy companies with strong growth potential.


  • Provides rare opportunities to invest in Japan's energy infrastructure
    We strive to secure fair capital gains and stable income gains over the long term.
  • Has an outstanding track record as a pioneering Japanese energy fund manager
    IDI-I has secured substantial investment and exit results leveraging its energy sector expertise.
  • Has a team of professionals made up of engineers with substantial experience in the electric power sector
    IDI-I’s fund management is highly reliable as the fund has a team of seasoned engineers, experienced consultants, and professionals with both financial and energy sector expertise.
  • Contributes to society via stable energy supply and investment in energy-related assets
    The fund realizes investment with substantial social significance targeting public-sector type assets.