Objectives & Characteristics of IDI-I Fund

Objectives of IDI-I Fund

IDI-I is a Japanese fund manager which manages energy infrastructure focused fund (“IDI-I Fund”). IDI-I is committed to investment activities in energy-related infrastructure field with social significance, contributing to the development of energy industry with growth potentiality.

IDI-I Fund is a hybrid fund that invests in the form of equity and mezzanine loan to achieve stable incomes. IDI-I Fund seeks diversified investment portfolio through acquiring 1) newly launched power plants, 2) existing plants with need of improvement, restructuring and financing, 3) New energy projects, and 4) equity/mezzanine portion of energy related companies with high growth potentiality.

Characteristics of IDI-I Fund

  • Fund management by professionals with combined experiences and expertise of energy engineering, project financing, consulting services and investment fund management.
  • Sourcing and screening attractive investment opportunities through extensive network in the energy industry and accumulated experience and know-how of IDI-I.
  • Valuing up the enterprise through strategic hands-on management based upon the deep understanding of the industry.
  • Securing the stable and long term return (income gain).