Organization Chart


Hiroshi Saitama
President & CEO

Joined The Industrial Bank of Japan in 1988. Responsible for electric power sector at a regional branch. Participated in the establishment of Industrial Decisions, Inc. (IDI) in 2003 with a leading role. CEO since 2006. Engaged in advisory business based on extensive network of contacts in the energy sector including electric power and gas companies. Established IDI-I in 2007, appointed President and CEO. Plays a leading role in fundraising for the fund and in investment business in the energy sector

Yohei Hora
Managing Director, Investment Team

Joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking in 2003. Engaged in corporate lending, derivatives trading, etc. Joined IDI in 2007. Engaged in financial advisory business, strategic consulting for energy companies. Moved to IDI-I in 2008. Responsible for monitoring and boosting value of the companies invested in by the fund.

Shinichiro Sato
Managing Director, Investor/ Financial institution Relations Team

Joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan in 1988. Engaged in derivatives investment and development at the financial products development section. Subsequently expanded development and sales of new products at Japanese and foreign investment corporations. Joined IDI-I in 2016. Supervises business related to investors and financial institutions.

Motohiro Taniguchi
Managing Director, Planning and Administration Team

Joined Amersham Japan (now GE Healthcare Japan) in 1983. Engaged in accounting, finance, and general affairs. Subsequently worked for foreign financial and IT companies overseas. Headed middle- and back-office business at multi-national investment firms in Japan. Joined IDI-I in 2018. Supervises middle and back-office business in GP and fund management (financial accounting, general affairs).